Coming from a family of Ministers, Thiago used to love to compete at sports, basketball specially, and to play guitar with his friends as a teenager. Son of a brilliant Brazilian Navy superior Officer with a renowned Psychologist, both also pastors, he learned from birth to always give his best to his studies, hard work and to God's Kingdom.

  Well organized and always up to learning new things, Thiago was always known as very competent, friendly and versatile, getting a point where he hosted an audience-leader TV show on a national broadcast company while attending two different majors: Law School and International Relations. In 2009 Thiago felt God's calling to join his parents on starting a dream the Lord has put in their hearts: the Frontier Ministries. Altogether with his sister Pamela, Thiago used the knowledge acquired on his years working with TV to develop all the visual concepts of the church, being responsible for that to this day.

   On September 2013, Thiago was ordained to the Pastoral Ministry after serving as a deacon since the beginning of the church; and as a youth and worship leader for more than 10 years. He and Isabela got married on December that same year. The couple then moved to relaunch His Grandparent's church in Florida, fulfilling a promise God gave his parents and grandparents even before he was born.

  Pastor Thiago Cruz invites you to be part of our family here at Frontier Ministries WPB, where he will always be waiting for you with his famous hugs and messages delivered directly from God's heart.


   Since always Isabela is known for her captivating smile. First daughter of Carlos and Andrea, a businessman with a physician doctor, as a kid Isabela loved to go to the family’s ranch, where would spend her holidays playing with the animals and riding horses, Truly enjoying the details of life.

   While on her teen ages, Isabela saw God’s transformation in her family’s life, as in the middle of her parents' marriage crisis, her mother - Andrea - had an encounter with Jesus and started taking Isabela and her siblings to church, always praying for her father to come to also know Jesus. It took them six years of prayers and faith in God until they could see their family restored, flooding with God’s love in their home.

   Always talented and inclined to arts, texts and crafts, Isabela grown up to be a graduated ballerina, former competition swimmer and an advertising student in one of Brazil’s most prestigious universities, which led her to achieve the Design and Advertising Director position on her family’s business. At 2011 Isabela followed her parents as they’ve decided to become part of the Frontier Ministries’ family in Rio, where she and Thiago met, dated, and got married on December 2013 - and from where God’s calling brought Isabela and Thiago to Florida.

   Always encouraging others and faithful to God, Isabela invites you to be part of our Frontier West Palm Beach family, where she will lead us in praise & worship, and be always available to counsel, pray, and share her captivating smile.




INTERNATIONAL SENIOR PASTORS - Ministério Fronteira | Frontier Ministries | Die Tür Ministries

   Born in Brazil's largest city, São Paulo, little Elaine was always noticeable for her musical and literary talents, which she got from her parents, Pastors Abraão and Lúcia de Almeida, both of which reside and live their ministries in the United States since 1983.

  Psychologist with Masters in Education, Elaine practices on both her offices in Rio de Janeiro and is a Best Seller author, being awarded Best Author by The Brazilian Christian Publishers Association in 1998 and being the youngest author ever to enter the Brazilian Evangelical Academy of Writers.

  Internationally renown professional, Pastor Elaine preaches and speaks on conferences on countries as Japan, Canada, USA, Israel and all over Europe and Brazil; having her books, texts and devotionals read across the globe.

  We have the privilege of having our beloved Pastor Elaine preaching, teaching and counseling on our church, and you're invited to join us at Frontier Ministries - Rio, West Palm Beach and Rostock - to be blessed by her in all that God uses her to do in our lives.


   Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Alvaro was like any other kid, loving to play soccer and not worried about the future. With his father, a Portuguese Immigrant who went to Brazil to succeed in life, Alvaro learned that effort brings results, and with his mother, a missionary, he learned about God's love, the power of prayer and how to have a heart always close to God's.

   Always the best of his class in the Naval Academy and throughout his career as a Superior Officer in the Brazilian Navy, Commander Cruz was famous internationally for his competence and ethics, always achieving the highest and most honorable positions until the Lord led him to retire from the Navy in 2006 to accept a position as CEO of a christian TV station, a position he only left on 2010 to dedicate integrally to Frontier Ministries, which he started with his family in September 2009.

   Ordained minister for almost 30 years by the Assemblies of God, married to Elaine for 35 years and father of two siblings - Thiago and Pamela - Pastor Alvaro, always joyful and loving, awaits you on our gatherings and services, where his God-inspired-preachings will most definitely touch your heart.