welcome to our Frontier family

As soon as you get to our church - here at West Palm, Rio or Germany - these are some of the things you will most certainly find.

Come pay us a visit and see for yourself!


   Our Gatherings start with music. Song's lyrics will be shown on the screens, so then everyone can join in and sing along. The musicians and vocals on the stage are there to lead us in this praise and worship moment.



   This moment is about a quick word from the Bible to make us think about the most diverse areas of our lives, leading us to reflect about them and find answers and wisdom in the Word of God.



   Hugs all around! That's a trademark of our church since our very first service! Our Fellowship moment is really one of our trademarks! Come with your heart, smile and arms wide open to receive lots of love!



   The Bible tell us that "faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ." (Rm 10.17). At this moment, we are invited to understand more of God's Word and how to apply His valuable lessons in our everyday life.



   Prayer is to talking to God. As you enter our services you'll see a prayer request form and urn, where you can fill your prayer requests to God. At the end of our meetings and during the week, we will be praying for these requests, trusting God to know what is best for our lives and that He is pleasant to bless us with the desires of our hearts. Let us hear your testimony!



   In His Word, God let us know that He loves who gives cheerfully (2 Co. 9.7) and all over the Bible we find exemples of men and women that gave their best on thites and offerings and were richfully blessed by Him. 

   When we give our thites, we give back to God a part of what he gave us, knowing faithfully that everything comes from Him.

   When we cheerfully give our offerings, we do it for love, knowing that if we give, a good and oveflowing measure will be given to us.